Monday, December 21, 2009

Tandem kiteflying

Here's two videos of Christopher flying two kites at once. One kite is controlled by each hand, and this was the second or third time that he tried this.

The kites are Sano SSL's.
No kites were actually hurt in the making of these videos.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy San Jacinto Day!

Last Monday was San Jacinto Day. Being good Texans, we decided to celebrate. Our celebration was neither meaningful or creative, but we managed to have fun anyways. We had Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake for dessert, Christopher wore his Texas tie (as you can see in the picture), took a picture of ourselves under the Texan flag, and emailed a greeting out to family, reminding them of a holiday some (non-Texans) may not have known existed.


Christopher and I decided that we must always take our own portraits. We got such a kick out of "taking a picture of ourselves" that we are actually genuinely smiling in the picture. Usually we either are a blur of motion as we try to run away from the camera, look fake, have our eyes closed, or are just putting a bite of food in our mouths when other people try to take our picture. We claim that most cameras don't do us justice.

Always blame the camera - Makes you feel better.